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Acronis Launched Web-based Educational Center for Technical And Everyday Computer Users

Tips & Tricks, Engineer-to-Engineer, Case Studies provide users with hands-on knowledge

South San Francisco, CALIF., September 8, 2004 — Acronis, Inc., the technological leader in storage management solutions, launched an educational resource center that provides non-technical and technical users alike with information they need to make sound, computing decisions.

Called Resources, the Web pages are devoted to addressing general computing issues that computer users face daily. Sections include tips and tricks to make technology more useful for the average user, storage and disk management advice, technical discussions on storage and computing issues, and case studies of real computing issues IT managers face daily.

"The Resources section will be packed with information for end users, technicians, IT managers and anyone interested learning more about computers and managing their data," said Acronis CEO Max Tsypliaev. "It will include information on Acronis' own approach to storage and systems management, as well as non-commercial articles and a comprehensive analysis of new technologies. Both technical and occasional users find it useful to have a repository where they can find quick tips and tricks, as well as more exhaustive analysis and technical articles.

"We will offer a variety of articles addressed to all of our user community," he added. "Technological expertise isn't reserved for engineers; it's for anybody who has a job to do and wants to get it done effectively and efficiently."

"Resources will provide education equity to users," said marketing director Stephen Lawton. "Our goal is to provide information that users need to make an informed decision is presented in very much a non-commercial way. We will discuss our own products where examples are needed, but much of the information is very general and not product-specific."

Examples of articles now available in the Resources Tips & Tricks section include "How Should I Organize My Hard Drive?," "Mirroring Is Not Backup," "My Computer Is Running Hot. What Should I Do?;" and "Saving a Disk Image Over the Internet."

"Each page will include an icon that visitors can click to create immediate links to the Acronis Resource section," Lawton continued. "This way, if a guest finds an article they need, they can link to it quickly and easier. Acronis also is encouraging individuals and companies to create links from their Web sites to the Acronis Resources pages to further the educational opportunities."


アクロニスは、バックアップ、ランサムウェア アクティブ プロテクション、ディザスタリカバリ、セキュアなファイル同期・共有ソリューションによって、ハイブリッドクラウドにおけるITデータ保護の標準を確立しています。AnyData Engineをベースとし、イメージバックアップ技術で一線を画するアクロニスのソリューションは、仮想、物理、クラウド、モバイル、アプリケーションといったさまざまな環境で、あらゆるファイル、アプリケーション、オペレーティングシステムを対象に使いやすく、低価格で包括的なデータ保護を実現します。アクロニスは2003年の設立以降、150か国以上の地域、20か国の言語において、500万人以上の個人のお客様と50万社以上の法人のお客様のデータを保護しています。100件以上の特許を保有し、年間最優秀製品に選ばれ続けている実績のあるアクロニス製品は、移行、クローン作成、レプリケーションなどのさまざまな機能も備えています。現在、アクロニスのソリューションは、サービスプロバイダーやディストリビューター、クラウドリセラーのグローバルネットワークを通じて、ワールドワイドにご利用いただけます。

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