The best cybersecurity software for Windows 11

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How important is a cybersecurity solution?
Why Cyber Security is crucial for Windows 11 users?
What should you look for when considering the best cybersecurity software for your business?
Scalability for your business
Robust approach in applying cybersecurity measures
Identifying cybersecurity needs
Professionalism and expertise in cybersecurity
Performance reports and risk management
Industry knowledge
Cost evaluation
Proper Business Ethics
24/7 Customer support
Malware Attacks
Phishing attacks
Password attacks
Spoofing attack
Ransomware attack
Trojan Horses
Does Windows 11 have integrated cybersecurity protection?
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How important is a cybersecurity solution?

If you connect your computer to the internet or any other network, you should have some type of a cybersecurity solution actively running on it. Cyberattacks happen all the time to businesses and individuals alike. This means that it is only a matter of time before you are attacked. Examples of these attacks include viruses, trojans, worms, ransomware, identity theft, and malicious spam, among others. Without the right antivirus solution, an attack can result in data loss, impact your system's performance and bring your computer down.

What type of software do cybersecurity professionals use?

Living in the nowadays digital realm, where every activity of our life is related with using the internet, the heroes of our online world are the cybersecurity professionals, who tirelessly work behind the scenes to safeguard our digital lives and identities, because of the countless threats buried in the web space stalking us behind the corner. As we surf the vast waves of the internet, we are constantly under the watchful eye of a multitude of evolving online threats, from malware attacks to the haunting specter of identity theft. But have you ever wondered about the powerful software tools that these cyber guardians use to protect us?

Let's take a moment to dive into the realm of cybersecurity software and explore the incredible arsenal that empowers these digital warriors to shield us from the constant mean cyber attacks and security risks.

Malware Protection: Malware, those insidious digital adversaries, could run rampant, causing chaos and devastation with just a few clicks made by you. Cybersecurity professionals harness the power of specialized software equipped with cutting-edge security features designed to detect, quarantine, and neutralize these mean malware threats. With this formidable tool at their disposal, they act as digital sentinels, ensuring that the walls of our digital fortresses remain unbreached.

Antivirus protection: Antivirus software has as a plethora of security tools that aim to safeguard computers, their major operating systems, networks and other devices by preventing, detecting, searching for and eliminating viruses and various forms of malware. It is commonly bundled within security packages or available, for purchase. With simple words it ensures your devices and machines a robust virus protection thank to it's advanced features.

Typically installed on computers to proactively address cybersecurity concerns antivirus programs play a role in mitigating cyber threats, such as keyloggers, browser hijackers, Trojan horses, worms, rootkits, spyware, adware, botnets, phishing attempts and ransomware attacks. Antivirus services are priceless when dealing with the above cyber threats. So, we can confirm that having such a security tool is a must for every user.

Due to the constantly evolving nature of cybercrimes and new versions of malware being released daily, including zero-day threats and attacks, no antivirus program can offer detection and protection against all threat vectors, but a respected antivirus provider delivers fundamental basic protection within the used antivirus tools. Another useful feature of the antivirus software is that some of the products on the market include in their security measure package a parental control features, or even location monitoring tools. If you're a parent, the safety of your children is probably your biggest concern, so this is another positive aspect of using an antivirus program.

Endpoint Detection and Response: EDR is an integrated endpoint security solution that combines real-time continuous monitoring and collection of endpoint data with rules-based automated response and analysis capabilities, that solutions can take advantage of advanced machine learning technology to automate analytics, which greatly enhances detection rates. It's role is to detect and investigate suspicious activities on hosts and endpoints, employing a high degree of automation to enable security teams to quickly identify and respond to threats and improving your online security.

Identity Theft Protection: Identity theft, the chilling prospect of having one's personal information stolen, is a nightmare we all fear. To combat this malevolent force, cybersecurity professionals employ software armed with identity protection features. These features are akin to a shield, enveloping your precious data in an impenetrable layer of security, preventing cybercriminals from infiltrating and exploiting your personal information.

Web Protection: The vast expanse of the internet is both a treasure trove and a minefield. Cybersecurity professionals arm themselves with software that offers comprehensive web protection. Real-time analysis of websites and online activities is a cornerstone of their defense strategy. By proactively using web security and identifying and blocking potential threats, they ensure your online experiences remain secure, while your sensitive data remains untouched by malicious hands.

Data Protection Feature: In a world where sensitive data is the lifeblood of organizations and individuals alike, cybersecurity professionals understand the value of data protection. They employ software equipped with robust data protection features, ensuring sensitive information is encrypted, backed up, and securely stored. Even in the event of a breach, your valuable data remains safely locked away from prying eyes.

Internet security is the very foundation upon which the entire cybersecurity ecosystem stands. It's not just about safeguarding individual mobile devices, or protecting sensitive data. It's about securing the whole network that connects us all. Cybersecurity professionals understand that the internet itself is the battleground for a constant war against cyber threats. To fortify this digital realm, they utilize specialized software solutions that focus on internet security.

These software tools incorporate a wide range of security features designed to monitor and protect the intricate web of digital connections that make up the internet. They scrutinize network traffic, looking for signs of suspicious activity and potential vulnerabilities. Internet security software acts as a digital gatekeeper, controlling access to your network and identifying any malicious intruders attempting to breach the virtual barriers.

Furthermore, these solutions often employ advanced encryption techniques to ensure that data transmitted across the internet remains confidential and tamper-proof. Internet security software is the linchpin that holds the digital world together, preserving the integrity of online transactions, safeguarding sensitive information, and ultimately upholding the trust we place in the vast virtual network.

In today's digital realm of countless security risks and the haunting specter of data breaches, cybersecurity professionals are the guardians of our digital realm. Armed with software solutions that boast an array of security features, they stand as the stalwart defenders of our online world. But do we cherish them enough? And can we understand our responsibilities when we are online?

Next time you turn on your device to browse the web, send an email, or conduct online transactions, remember the tireless dedication of these cyber defenders and the remarkable software tools they wield. They are the ones who protect us from the ever-evolving threats that lurk in the digital shadows, allowing us to navigate the online world with confidence and peace of mind.


Why Cyber Security is crucial for Windows 11 users?

Despite the fact that Windows 11 has options for good antivirus software and antivirus software updater it is believed and considered as not enough for the cyber threats that exist nowadays. This leads to the undeniable fact, that you need something better than just an ordinary antivirus for windows. Have you experienced a cyberattack, or has someone attempted to steal your information and require ransom in exchange for it? There is another painful scenario when you fall victim of cyber criminals by implementing a malware files or software, that had slipped through your antivirus software.

I really hope you haven't, because the damages for you and your precious information and devices can be irreparable. This can cause you a lot of headaches and tons of lost precious data. For that reason cyber security is crucial for all Windows 11 users across the globe.

The name of the savior here is Acronis Cyber Protecti Home Office, because it combines the most completed protection for you and your business organization. No matter if you are just a home user trying to receive the best security features, or you have a large business organization needing the most complete business antivirus software. Acronis True Image, offers you real time protection with the latest and most developed practices of securing your devices.

It is well known fact, that it combines the best antivirus software with the most effective cyber security practices, in addition with the priceless option for data recovery and backup makes it number one option in your list. Choosing the right vendor for cyber security gives you peace of mind when dealing with all the threats existing in the web space. In simple words it is the best shield for you in the dynamic and dangerous digital realm we live in. It sound's priceless, right? Yes, it is.

What should you look for when considering the best cybersecurity software for your business?

When you're deciding on a cybersecurity vendor it's crucial to assess the technology and services they provide. How well they can adapt as your business grows. You have to pay attention on the following factors to ensure choosing the best cybersecurity provider, so you won't regret it, when it should take actions and give you the best protection.

Let's have a closer look on these essential factors ensuring you the best antivirus software and cyber protection. Are you ready?

Scalability for your business

Finding the technology for your business as it grows is crucial. It's important to choose a vendor that offers technology of adapting to the changes, in your organization. Your needs today will certainly be different from what they will be when you have 50, 100 or even 1000 employees.

Having a security solution and endpoint protection that can grow alongside your organization is essential. The frequency and severity of cyber threats can vary over time and larger businesses may face complex threat surfaces. However, smaller businesses are not exempt from risk either as they often lack the defenses to prevent or detect attacks, so having only antivirus protection is just not enough.

There is no one size fits all solution because every business is unique, in its way. That's why it's crucial for your cybersecurity provider to offer technology of handling different volumes of data increasingly intricate network structures and a growing number of users and employees.

Robust approach in applying cybersecurity measures

Instead of putting all your concentrating all resources into one aspect of security it's important to consider all the different ways that malicious websites and actors could exploit vulnerabilities into your operating systems. This includes: endpoint security, cloud services, networks and more. When choosing a cybersecurity vendor it's crucial to opt for an approach that provides end, to end protection for your assets.

Another important aspect to consider is human error, which has been reported as the cause behind 88% of cyberattacks, by clicking by mistake on a link or downloading files from unsecure sites. Your chosen cybersecurity vendor should have measures in place to address the factor in your security strategy. This could include services, such as analyzing emails and conducting phishing simulations.

Additionally, a comprehensive approach should involve proactive threat hunting to detect and mitigate emerging threats at the moment. It's crucial for your chosen vendor to stay updated on the evolving threat realm in order to ensure you are protected against attacks and unknown threats

Overall a reliable cybersecurity vendor understands that protecting one part of your business is not enough. They will provide you with all the tools, technologies and services required for security coverage and threat protection.

Identifying cybersecurity needs

The significance of identifying your cybersecurity needs before identifying a specific software or solution space cannot be overstated.

By specifying your security requirements, you will be able to quickly identify what types of solutions will meet those needs. Also, you will be able to identify your most critical needs, so you can prioritize what solutions you should implement first and which ones will provide the most value with the least amount of cost and effort.

The benefits identifying your security requirements up front before considering, or even identifying any solution types are plentiful. So many enterprises end up implementing different types of software before they identify their critical security needs. Conducting due diligence around your vendors’ cybersecurity offerings and how they can specifically address your security needs can circumvent future threats from occurring. 

Professionalism and expertise in cybersecurity

Having a vendor who possesses trustworthy expertise in cybersecurity can be priceless for you, if you don't have an internal security team. They can provide guidance to help you make informed decisions concerning your organizations security measures. With their understanding of the current threat landscape they are able to assess your business vulnerabilities and recommend customized solutions that are highly effective and are able to save your PC or business organization.

Furthermore, a vendor with experience in system performance and reliability equips them to respond effectively to security incidents. They possess the skills to promptly identify and mitigate threats minimizing any impact on your systems and data.

When searching for a vendor it is advisable to look for one with expertise spanning disciplines, such as network security, data protection, incident response and risk management. It is worth noting that reputable vendors prioritize training and development, for their team members allowing them to stay ahead of the advancements, emerging threats and evolving attack methods. Working with the right vendor will definitely guarantee you applying the best practices that will ensure the most complete protection for you and your business organization. It sounds great, right? But there are another things to consider. Keep reading and you will educate yourself enough, to take the right decision for you.

Performance reports and risk management

It is crucial to understand vendors approaches, actions and methodologies used in their advanced threat defense. Have a conversation, with them regarding the metrics required for evaluating their performance. Assess their strengths and weaknesses by examining reports, analytics and performance reviews from a trusted cybersecurity provider.

Ensure that the services offered by the cybersecurity firm are scalable, before making a selection. Ideally their model should be able to grow alongside your company without any disruptions or operational downtime. Additionally, the contract should allow for adjustments as needed. Some of the most important features include vulnerability scanning and constant patch management. It is very important to select the best possible third-party security provider, which will give the best possible measures of defending your systems, so you have to choose wisely.

Industry knowledge

The top notch service providers who specialize in managing and securing technology systems cater, to clients, from industries. They showcase their expertise by addressing the challenges faced by each industry they serve.

Cost evaluation

When choosing a solution it's important to take into account the cost involved. Although certain options may appear cheaper initially they might come with expenses, for maintenance or upgrades, in the run. Consequently it's crucial to assess the commitment your organization's prepared to make for the selected solution.

Proper Business Ethics

Another very important aspect to consider is preventing and responding to data breaches. Data breaches can be extremely distressing because they not lead to the loss of data and financial resources but also have intangible consequences, such as eroding customer trust in the organization. This can be catastrophic for every business no matter the size, small or large one.

Nevertheless, it is important for vendors to avoid exploiting your fears regarding information security when seeking a solution. A reliable cybersecurity expert should work alongside your company as a partner. Prioritize meeting your needs instead of resorting to scare tactics. Furthermore, a reputable solution provider will thoroughly assess your companies existing cybersecurity measures and provide guidance on how to mitigate risks.

24/7 Customer support

Having constant customer support is crucial, in any business relationship. It's important to find a vendor who prioritizes top tier customer service. This ensures that you'll always have a point of contact to assist you with any issues or concerns that may arise. A dependable vendor should be easily accessible and responsive providing professional support whenever you need it.

When a vendor is committed to customer service it helps establish a working relationship giving you peace of mind knowing that you have a partner to rely on. This flexibility allows you to optimize the work and benefits provided by the security vendor ensuring it fits seamlessly into your schedule.

By selecting a vendor known for their customer service, expertise and support you can be confident that your valuable data will be well protected and your business operations will remain secure.

Do you still need security software and security features with Windows 11?

Despite the fact that Windows 11 has provided a good security features and techniques it is not providing a complete protection for the users around the world. We are witnessing everyday the constantly increasing number of the cyber threats on a daily basis, because as the technologies develop and growth, so are and the cyber threats.

This is happening, because our everyday activities are tightly connected with the internet services like online banking, social media profiles, digital documents and shopping online. Where our private information is being stored in a different digital devices and servers. The fact that we are spending more and more time of our life online and disposing a lot of information executing even a simple task like ordering a product online, that contains our home address, phone number and other personal information. The cybercriminals see this source of information as a gold mine for their criminal purposes and as a way to gain easy money for their own benefit.

For that reason we are obligated to strengthen our security measures and provide a robust protection for our private data. Nowadays, there are a variety of third-party security organizations that have specialized in cybersecurity and provide the most complete security measures and techniques for every person and organization. One of the best decisions you can take is to choose Acronis True Image as your shield against every possible cyber threat. This is the best protection you can ensure for your data, guaranteeing that no matter what happens, you will be protected 24/7 having peace of mind.

As a conclusion we can definitely say, that the security software provided by Windows 11 is a good option, but it is not providing the complete protection for you. This leads to the only option to ensure additional protection for you, by choosing the right third-party cybersecurity software provider. If you cherish your data and personal information and have the desire to remain confidential only for your eyes, do not hesitate a second wondering if you need additional endpoint protection software.

How Does Windows 11's In-built Security Compare to Third-party Solutions?

As we discussed above Windows 11's In-built Security is a good option, but not enough. The majority of the cybercriminals know that there are weaknesses in the In-built Security features and target their powers exactly through these weak spots. As the technology evolves and upgrades everyday, so are and the cybercriminals approaches and techniques to accomplish their targets.

On the other hand the third-party cybersecurity solutions provide the missing puzzle pieces of the complete cyber protection. These professionals work constantly to develop the adequate protection that you need, by upgrading the existing protection software everyday. There is a difference when an organization works only on developing their security product and a team that works to release a new version of an OS.

There is no doubt about the countless pros of the third-party security solutions compared to the In-build one of your OS. It is well-known fact that every person uses it's computer for a different purposes, for some of the users the In-built security can be enough, if they are only using their PC for watching movies, playing games and social media. There is still a concern for them about the risk of their identity being stolen, or malware software can slip through the firewall or the free antivirus software they are using.

On the other hand, there are users that want to protect their precious information by the best possible way. They have understood the importance of the third-party security solutions and antivirus program, and have the desire to protect their data at all costs. This leads to the conclusion that every user has to make the decision for what is he currently using his computer, whether he needs a robust antivirus software, because of storing very important information, or if he is pleasant with the In-built security software provided with the OS.

It is definitely a personal choice if the user needs a complete security suite or just the basic protection features. The answer of the question is the third-party software better compared to the In-build security, the answer is, yes!

What are the Common Cyber Threats Faced by Windows 11 Users?

Before we delve into the forms of cyber attacks lets first understand what a cyber attack entails. When someone gains access, to a system or network we refer to it as a cyber attack. The individual carrying out such an attack is commonly known as a hacker or attacker.

The repercussions of cyber attacks are quite detrimental. They often result in data breaches leading to either loss or manipulation of data. There is significant damage to your reputation. To combat these cyber threats the implementation of cybersecurity measures becomes crucial. Cybersecurity involves protecting networks, computer systems and their components from unidentified access.

Unfortunately, even the field of cybersecurity has been negatively affected by the COVID 19 situation. Interpol and WHO have reported a rise, in the number of cyberattacks during the pandemic.

Now that we have covered what constitutes a cyber attack lets explore the types of cyberattacks.

Malware Attacks

This is one of the meanest types of cyberattacks. "Malware" refers to computer viruses, including worms, spyware, ransomware, adware and trojans.

Trojan viruses are designed to appear as software. Ransomware restricts access, to components of a network while spyware secretly collects your data without your knowledge. Adware is software that displays advertising content, such as banners on a users screen.

Malware infiltrates a network by exploiting vulnerabilities. This can happen when a user clicks on a link downloads an email attachment or uses an USB drive.

But how can these cyber attacks be prevented?

Using antivirus software, because it can really provide an effective malware protection.

Use firewalls. Firewalls are used to control the traffic on your device. Both Windows and Mac OS X come with their built in firewalls known as Windows Firewall and Mac Firewall.

Another very important aspect is to avoid clicking on suspicious links and sites, also you must update your browsers and operating systems and keep them up-to-date.

Phishing attacks

Phishing attacks are widely recognized as one of the most common forms of cyberattacks. These attacks involve a tactic known as engineering, where an attacker pretends to be a trustworthy contact and sends fake emails to unsuspecting victims.

Unbeknownst, to the recipient they may open the email. Unwittingly click on a link or open an attachment. This action grants attackers access to information and account credentials. Additionally, phishing attacks can serve as a means, for installing malware onto targeted systems in case of downloading infected file. In such scenarios antivirus protects from these threats, but there are cases that malware detection is not applied and the malware samples slip through the antivirus software.

You can protect yourself if scrutinize the emails you receive. Phishing emails often contain errors, such, as spelling mistakes and formatting inconsistencies which distinguish them from sources. Another useful tip is to update your passwords regularly and use an anti-phishing toolbar.

Password attacks

A password attack is a type of technique where a hacker attempts to crack your password using software programs and tools. There are forms of password attacks such, as brute force attacks, dictionary attacks and keylogger attacks.

To strengthen your passwords use a alphanumeric and special symbols and make it as long as possible, but of course easy enough remembered. Do not use the same password for all of your accounts, because if one of your accounts gets hacked the cyber criminals will have the chance to hack and another of your accounts. Last, but not least is to update your passwords regularly and if possible use password manager.


A Denial-of-Service Attack is a significant threat to companies. Here, cyber criminals target systems, servers, or networks and flood them with traffic to exhaust their resources and bandwidth. 

When this happens, catering to the incoming requests becomes overwhelming for the servers, resulting in the website it hosts either shut down or slow down. This leaves the legitimate service requests unattended. 

It is also known as a DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attack when attackers use multiple compromised systems to launch this attack.  Let’s now look at how to prevent these mean attacks:

Recognize the indications of issues such, as a decrease, in network speed or intermittent website outages. In situations it is crucial for the organization to promptly address these concerns and take action. Another important thing you can do is to outsource DDoS prevention to cloud-base service providers.

Spoofing attack

Sometimes a malicious individual pretends to be someone else, in order to gain access, to data and carry out actions. To illustrate they might spoof an email address or manipulate a network address.

Identity-Based Attacks

Very mean threat based on the main purpose to steal or manipulate your personal information for their criminal purposes.

Ransomware attack

Ransomware is a type of software that aims to block users or organizations from accessing their computer files. It accomplishes this by encrypting the files and then demanding a payment, in exchange for the decryption key. This puts organizations in a spot as paying the ransom becomes the most cost effective way to regain access to their important files. In some cases ransomware may even go beyond file encryption incorporating features like data theft to further motivate victims to comply with the ransom demands.

Over time ransomware has emerged as one of the visible forms of malware. Recent incidents involving ransomware have severely impacted hospitals ability to deliver services disrupted services in cities and inflicted significant damage, on various organizations.

Trojan Horses

A Trojan Horse Virus is a form of software that disguises itself as a program when it downloads onto a computer. Usually attackers employ social engineering techniques to conceal code within software in order to gain access, to users systems using their own software.

To put it simply a Trojan is a type of malware that typically hides as an attachment in an email or a file available for download. Once the user downloads it the malicious code carries out the tasks designed by the attacker such as gaining access to corporate systems monitoring users online activities or stealing sensitive data. Signs of a Trojan on a device may include occurrences like unexpected changes, in computer settings.

Does Windows 11 have integrated cybersecurity protection?

Windows 11 includes integrated anti-malware protection called Microsoft Defender, formerly known as Windows Defender. First released in 2006, Microsoft has improved protection in Windows 11. It now offers real-time threat detection, firewall protection, basic parental controls and a cloud-based virus database. It can protect your computer against viruses, worms, trojans, and other malware.

Cyber Security Software for Windows 11 vs Windows Defender

Is Windows 11 anti-malware enough to protect you from cyberthreats?

To understand the best solution to protect your data and PC, we first need to review our terms.

  • Anti-malware software protects your machines and android devices from all types of malware, including viruses, trojans, worms, and adware.
  • Cybersecurity software protects your machine from all types of known and unknown malware and ransomware.
  • The most complete solution — cyber protection software — protects your machine from all types of known and unknown malware and ransomware and protects you from data loss with full-disk image backups.

Actually, Microsoft Defender is considered a good anti-malware solution, but it is not enough to protect you from all cyberthreats. Unfortunately, Windows is the most targeted operating system, with 91% of ransomware attacks targeting Windows computers in 2020. Cybercriminals are always looking to discover new ransomware techniques and spend a lot of time studying Windows's code for vulnerabilities. While Microsoft does its best to identify and stop new ransomware attacks, there are other solutions available that offer better protection by stopping unknown attacks and providing total protection of your data and computer.

Acronis True Image: The best cyber security software for Windows 11

Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office (formerly Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office) offers everything you need to back up your data and safeguard your Windows 11 computer from all of today's threats — from disk failures to known and unknown ransomware attacks. Thanks to its unique integration of backup and cybersecurity in one solution, it saves you time and reduces the cost, complexity, and risk caused by managing multiple solutions.

When compared to Microsoft Defender in Windows 11, Acronis True Image uniquely offers:

Anti-ransomware protection with automatic recovery of encrypted files. Acronis True Image uses machine intelligence (MI) to identify ransomware attacks in progress, instantly terminate them, and automatically restore any damaged files. Automatic restoration of the damaged files is only possible because Acronis True Image creates a Windows 11 full-disk image backup that lets you restore your entire computer or selected files and folders.

Microsoft 365 backups. With Acronis True Image, you can create direct cloud-to-cloud backups of your Microsoft 365 account, including your mailbox and OneDrive.

Videoconference protection (e.g., Zoom, Cisco WebEx, and Microsoft Teams). Acronis True Image ensures your privacy and stops cybercriminals or other unauthorized individuals from hacking into your videoconferences and stealing your data or intellectual property (IP).

For example, if you have Zoom running, Acronis True Image will block code-injection attacks, prevent website redirection attacks, block attacks via third-party applications, and block malware hooks that steal streaming content.

For the Zoom application itself, Acronis True Image will block remote control from a compromised machine, block attacks via third-party libraries, prevent session ID theft and prevent the use of outdated Zoom versions.

Protection of all devices. In addition to protecting your Windows PCs, Acronis True Image also protects Macs and allows you to create backups for Android, iPhone and iPad devices, and Windows tablets.

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