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Our partner, Minterest, knows that no two businesses are alike. They offer customized financing solutions after a thorough analysis of your business requirements.

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0007_L_dual_protection@2x.pngCompetitive Rates
A proprietary credit algorithm determines the unique interest rate for your business.
0014_L_restore_individual_files@2x.pngFlexible Terms
Choose your repayment tenor up to 12 months to meet your business requirements. Longer tenors may also be considered.
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Get the best outcome for your business. Access debt advisory structuring capabilities to propel your business forward.
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No lock-ins, no hidden fees, you know how much you pay upfront.

Our Solutions

Select the type of funding which best suits your needs

SME Working Capital Loans

Obtain additional working capital for the expansion of your business operations.

Invoice Financing

Convert your invoices into cash while waiting to be paid by your customers.

Structured Deals

Receive funds secured against your equipment or property as collateral for additional loan facilities.

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Does Your Business Qualify?

There are only 3 minimum requirements to fulfil

Company Background

Your business is a company or LLP set up in Singapore.*

*At Minterest’s discretion, borrowers with foreign ownership may be accepted. Minterest will assess each entity on a case-by-case basis and assist in structuring the fund-raising to ensure as much success as possible.


You have a guarantor for your loan.*

*Based on credit assessment, Minterest may require more than one guarantee, which can be personal guarantee and corporate guarantee.

Identifiable Cashflow

Your business has a track record of profitability.

How does it work with Minterest?

A trusted partner of Acronis, Minterest is a Singapore-based online financial services solutions provider that connects borrowers with investors. Minterest provides customized financing solutions for borrowers, and has raised more than $88 million for SMEs since 2017. Backed by ARA and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Minterest aims to bring financing to businesses that have constantly been constrained by various requirements of conventional finance providers.

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Once application is approved, it will be posted on the platform and ready to be funded by Investors. Receive your funds once it is fully subscribed and confirmed.
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Use the financing proceeds to fuel your business growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I sign up as a client?

Please click here to sign up.

Simply register, indicate that you are signing up as a borrower and provide the required information to open a Client Account. Once opened, you can use the account to create Funding Requests for posting on our platform, subject to credit analysis and approval.

Is my company qualified to apply for a loan on Minterest?

We welcome any entity that is a company or limited liability partnership registered with ACRA with at least one director is a Singaporean / Permanent Resident or foreigner residing in Singapore. Our preference is for borrowers with a track record with profitability but we will assess each entity on a case-by-case basis and assist in structuring the fund-raising to ensure as much success as possible. At our discretion, we may accept borrowers with foreign ownership.

What documents do I need to submit for a loan or invoice financing application?

In order for us to assess your application, please submit the following documents:

  • ACRA Business Profile;
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association;
  • Last 2 years Financial Statements, or Management Accounts where applicable.

In addition, please provide details of your customber and expected invoice(s) value if you are applying for invoice financing

What can I expect after submitting all the documents for a loan or invoice financing application?

Once documents are submitted, we will contact you within 48 working hours to set up a meeting for us to meet you at your premises. This will form the first step of our due diligence process. During this process, we may request for additional documents to assist us in making an assessment as to the creditworthiness of your company.

Will all the information I provide be made public?

Not all information will be made public. Information made public will only be those that are necessary for the investors to assess and come to an investment decision.

What are the details that will be presented to the investors in the Funding Request?

Information will include:

  • Your company’s principal activities, purpose of the loan and source of repayment;
  • Key terms of the Funding Request including loan size, tenor and interest rate;
  • Any collateral to be provided to secure the loan;
  • A description of your company’s profile as well as the guarantors;
  • The main risks and mitigants associated with investing in your loan;
  • Financial highlights of your company, including the preceding two years P&L Account and Balance Sheet (if available);
  • Repayment profile of the loan or invoice financing.
Is there a minimum amount of loan that I can request?

Minimum loan amount is $50,000. A lower amount may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

What are the types of repayment structure that are available?

We currently provide two main types of loan structures:-

Regular Payment Borrowers seeking working capital would typically be advised to select this type of loan. It allows borrowers to manage their cash flows over a financial year so that they can take advantage of business opportunities that may come their way.

This type of loan requires the borrower to repay the loan and interest in equal instalments on a regular basis e.g.monthly, similar to payments on a mortgage loan. Loan tenor is generally for up to 12 months. Loan tenor for more than 12 months can also be considered.

Single Payment Borrowers that have lump sum cash receipts at certain points in time are optimal candidates for this type of loan. For example, a lump sum invoice payment in three months’ time or a cash inflow as a result of an event happening e.g. organising a conference or receiving a grant. This type of loans allow borrowers to have access to critical cash flows to pay suppliers and other creditors while waiting for a significant amount of cash receipts occurring in the future.

Borrowers are only required to pay the principal and interest at the end of the loan tenor. Loan tenor for this type of financing is generally no more than 12 months. Depending on specific requirements and business circumstances, tenor of more than 12 months can be considered.

How long can a loan tenor be?

We currently provide two main types of loan structures:-

Regular Payment Loan tenor is generally for up to 12 months. Loan tenor for more than 12 months can also be considered.

Single Payment Loan tenor for this type of financing is generally no more than 12 months.

What interest rate can I expect to pay?

Borrowers can expect to pay an interest rate of between 8% and 18% per annum. Considerations such as tenor, type of loan structure, source of cash for repayment, historical track record of company and general macro economic factors will determine the actual interest rate payable.

For invoice financing, factoring rates could be as low as 0.5% per month.

What are the fees that are payable to Minterest?

Minterest will charge a processing fee calculated based on the loan amount. This fee, starting from 2%, will be payable upfront when the loan is disbursed. Apart from the processing fee, there are no other charges payable to Minterest. For example, if your processing fee is 3%, you will receive $97,000 if your loan size is $100,000.

For invoice financing, a processing fee will be charged when putting in place the invoice financing facility. Each factoring request will incur an administrative fee. These fees are very competitive to ensure that your overall factoring rates are kept low.

How is contract signing done?

By clicking and agreeing to our platform terms, you are bound by the terms governing borrowers and lenders. This has the same legal effect as signing a loan contract. In addition, depending on requirements, you may need to sign certain other documents that may be required for the loan to take effect.

Can I make multiple Funding Requests?

A borrower can make multiple Funding Requests at any one time. The ability to do so will be determined by Minterest at our sole discretion.

What criteria do you use in approving a Funding Request?

Minterest has its own customised loan processing procedures to assess the viability of Funding Requests. Main considerations when approving a Funding Request include the profile of promoters/management team, identifiable cash flows, business track record and macro-economic factors.

When can I expect to receive financing proceeds once the Funding Request is successfully accepted?

Once a Funding Request is successfully accepted by Minterest, it will be posted on the platform. Investors will be invited to make an offer to participate in the Funding Request. The period of the offer will normally be two weeks unless you prefer it to be otherwise. The period of offer will automatically lapse once the Funding Request is fully subscribed. The date of disbursement of the loan proceeds will be determined by yourself when a Funding Request is made initially – this can either be within 48 working hours of a Funding Request being fully subscribed or a specified date of your choosing.

What happens if the Funding Request is not fully subscribed?

Loan Requests that are at least 75% subscribed at the end of the period of offer will continue to be funded i.e. you will receive the loan proceeds even if it is not fully subscribed. Loan Requests that have a participation rate of less than 75% will be subject to further discussions – decision will be made to either extend the offer period, proceed with taking the loan or abandon the Loan Request.

For invoice financing, 100% of the offering must be taken up by investors before it will be considered successful.

How do I make a repayment on my loan?

Repayments of a loan are generally made online by transferring the relevant amount to Minterest’s bank account managed by the escrow agent. Payments by cheque are also accepted although not encouraged. It is advisable that you inform us once a payment has been made so we can ensure that the payment is received and records updated on a timely basis.

Can I make a prepayment on my loan?

We do not expect many borrowers to be making a prepayment on their loans. As such, we have not provided for prepayment of loans in our Platform Terms.

What happens if there is a late repayment?

When a late repayment occurs, you are encouraged to make the missed payment as soon as you can. We will work with you to identify and resolve the reasons for a late repayment. You will be charged a late payment fee amounting to 2% of the loan principal outstanding or $2,000, whichever is higher.

What happens if my business is unable to pay back the loan?

We will work with you to find a satisfactory solution to repay the amount outstanding, failing which a debt collection agency may be appointed to recover the outstanding amount. Notwithstanding the above, the lenders will have direct recourse to your company, any collateral that was provided and the personal guarantee(s) that was(were) provided as part of the loan.

What happens after I have made the last of my loan payments?

You will have no further obligations once the last of your loan payments have been made.

Is a personal guarantee required?

A personal guarantee is required for all Loan Requests except for Convertible Loans. Personal guarantee is also required to guarantee the repurchase of invoices pursuant to an invoice financing.

How can I refer a business contact to you?

We welcome referrals. A referral fee of between $1,000 and $2,000 will be paid to you should the company you referred be successful in raising funds through our platform. Minterest reserves the right to amend or alter this incentive at any point in time.

What happens if my customer does not make payment on an invoice?

You would be required to repurchase the invoice(s) in the event that your customer does not make a full payment on the invoice(s). Your repurchase obligations will only arise 60 days after the maturity date in your invoice financing terms.

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