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Powerful, easy-to-use, and Mac-friendly

  • Active disk cloning
    Active disk cloning
    Make a replica of your Mac system while it’s in use, without having to stop and reboot. Migrate all of your data – OS, files, applications, and settings – to a larger disk.
  • Easy data migration
    Easy data migration
    Restore your data to a new Mac machine more easily, even if that data is spread across APFS volumes on your current system.
  • All-in-one recovery
    All-in-one recovery
    Restore your system simply by plugging in an external drive. The Acronis Survival Kit is an all-in-one tool that captures everything you need, from boot media to backups.
  • Automatic mobile backups
    Automatic mobile backups
    Safeguard mobile data simply by coming home. Backups to your Mac and NAS start automatically when your smartphone or tablet connects to your Wi-Fi network.

  • Power Nap backups
    Take greater control over your Mac backups by choosing to back up your machine’s data when it enters Power Nap mode.
  • Power management
    Preserve your laptop’s battery by setting a minimum power level for your backups or completely blocking backups from happening on battery power.
  • Intuitive dashboard
    Feel right at home using our Mac-optimized interface. Check your protection status at a glance, with simple displays of backup and antimalware stats.
  • Anywhere access
    Retrieve any file from your cloud backup and manage your protections from your Mac via our web-based console. Time Machine can’t do that.
  • Flexible management
    Choose only what you want to recover. You can restore your whole system or select the individual file or folder you need.
  • Touch Bar integration
    Use Mac’s built-in tool to create new backups, track data transfer speeds and watch the progress of backups in process.
  • Supports Parallels Desktop
    Recover your virtual machines as a set of files that can be quickly and easily booted in a Parallels Desktop environment.
  • Dark Mode for Mac
    Experience our cyber protection using your Mac’s eye-friendly Dark Mode for a native Mac look.

Integrated antimalware safeguards your Mac and backup

  • Active antiransomware

    Ransomware attacks on Macs are on the rise. Safeguard your files, applications, and systems by stopping ransomware attacks. Acronis’ protection automatically restores any affected files.
  • Real-time protection

    Keep your device and backup files safe from malicious activities. Our behavioral heuristics and AI-enhanced protection check every file you interact with, blocking all threats in real-time.
  • On-demand antivirus scan

    Ensure threats aren’t lurking on your Mac by scanning for malware whenever you want. Do a quick file scan or scan the full system to check everything.

Greater control and protection

  • End-to-end encryption

    End-to-end encryption

    Ensure data privacy with our enterprise-grade encryption, whether the file is on-site, in transit, or in the cloud.
  • Event-based backup

    Event-based backup

    Guard your data naturally when certain events happen, like having backups start automatically when your USB drive connects.
  • Data authentication

    Data authentication

    Verify that your files are original and unchanged using the blockchain-based technology found in our Premium Subscription.
  • Superior customer support

    Superior customer support

    Acronis won’t abandon you. Technical support is available 24/7 to help you with any data protection inquiry, expired license, or outdated product.

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True Image 2021

Your digital life – protected