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Get ready for Windows 10
with the award winning
Acronis True Image Cloud

Top technical sites strongly advise you to do a complete backup of your system BEFORE you upgrade to Windows 10. Acronis True Image is the only solution that protects your Windows 10 upgrade experience, protects all of your data locally and in Cloud, and allows you to get back to your previous version of Windows tomorrow or any time in the future.

Backup first with Acronis — then upgrade your Operating System!

  • 1 Computer + 3 devices
    3 Computers + 5 devices
    5 Computers + 10 devices

Back up an image of your entire PC with everything on it to the cloud and to local storage devices to get double the protection.

Acronis True Image Cloud offers: unlimited cloud backup so your data will never be lost or corrupted. If necessary, you can restore your entire computer to the exact previous state in minutes, without the need to reconfigure your computer or reinstall applications.

As always, it’s smart to back up your system ahead of time.
– Wired
Firstly, backup all your files and data just in case.
– The Verge
Back up your data to the cloud or an external drive.
I also recommend backing up your data before upgrading…
– Engaget
Be smart: Make sure all of your important files are backed up before beginning the upgrade process…
– PCWorld
Microsoft does warn, however, that some applications or settings “may not migrate,” so make sure to back up anything you can’t afford to lose.
– VentureBeat
While the upgrade process shouldn’t erase your personal files, it’s always important to have backups anyway.
– How-To Geek
The first step is of course to back up any information you currently have on your PC that you want to keep. Changing an operating system is a big thing, and data can often be lost along the way.
– PC Advisor
… make sure to back up any valuable data on it that you might want later, because once the upgrade starts, it can't be undone, and there's no guarantee something won't go awry.
– Gizmag
I cannot stress this enough, but before even considering pressing the upgrade button, you have to understand that software could always fail and if something bad happens, you could lose many important files.
– Windows Central
True Image is as good as it gets when it comes to imaging backup...

– PC World
Great Backup Product!
I have been using Acronis since 2011. The product interface is simple yet there are few if any capabilities it does not possess. Cloud backup is excellent!

You'll never have to worry about losing any of your files, and if something goes wrong, you can restore your computer right back to the way it was.