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A side-by-side comparison reveals major differences,
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"Although any backup is better than no backup at all, Time Machine may not protect your data to the extent or in the way that you need. A few significant weaknesses offset its impressive strengths."


defence from ransomware for mac

Ransomware Protection

Active anti-ransomware technology and off-site cloud backup combine to completely protect your data against an attack


Incidents of ransomware targeting Macs are on the rise, and new strains are specifically attacking backup files to prevent users from restoring their data. That means Time Machine’s inability to store a backup safely in the cloud, where ransomware can’t get it, becomes an even bigger problem. Acronis True Image offers secure cloud storage and is the only backup software that includes cutting-edge technology that actively detects and automatically stops ransomware.

Acronis True Image includeApple Time Machine exclude

Family friendly

Protection of all family devices from one console


Time Machine is only available on Mac OS. But today’s families rely on a combination of computers, tablets and smartphones that aren’t always on the same operating system – which means Time Capsule/Time Machine can’t back up all their data. Acronis True Image supports macOS and Windows computers as well as iOS and Android mobile devices, so you can protect all of your family’s data, no matter what device they use.

Acronis True Image includeApple Time Machine exclude

family friendly
speedy recovery

Speedy recovery

A bootable duplicate of your system can get you up and running again in just a minute or two


If your hard drive gets damaged, do you really want to rebuild your system from scratch to get it back how you like it? While Time Machine can restore every file from your backup, the process can take hours or days in some cases ... and you cannot use your Mac during that time. To immediately restore your system after a hardware failure, Acronis True Image can create an all-in-one recovery tool on an external drive. When trouble happens, simply plug in the Acronis Survival Kit and you’ll have everything you need – including boot media, the system partition and all your backups – at your fingertips.

You can also make an exact replica of your Mac by cloning the system disk, even when it’s in use, so you simply have to plug in the clone if anything happens.

Acronis True Image includeApple Time Machine exclude

Have an extra copy

The safest option is to create multiple backups that are kept on separate media storage locations, such as HDD, SSD, Cloud or NAS


Time Machine and Time Capsule can provide you with a false sense of security because you have only one option of where to store your backup – an external hard drive. But if you’re serious about protecting important data, you know it’s better to create a backup that is stored off-site. That will ensure your backup is safe if something catastrophic happens where the original is kept. Since a subscription to Acronis True Image comes with cloud backup, you can set up a variety of plans that send your copies to a variety of destinations – external HDD, NAS device, and to the cloud – which each adding a layer of protection.

Acronis True Image includeApple Time Machine exclude

Have an extra copy
Space savvy

Space savvy

Good solutions will compress your files and optimize your storage space


Time Machine requires a significant amount of disk space, and while it doesn’t store duplicate copies of identical files, it doesn’t compress your files either. If you have tons of data but only an average amount of free storage, Time Machine may not be the best choice. Acronis True Image, on the other hand, compresses backed up files quite effectively, which allows you to maximize your storage space. Plus you can archive larger older files and use a manual backup cleanup feature to remove unneeded versions of your backup, freeing up space on your disk.

Acronis True Image  includeApple Time Machine  exclude

Do more with your data

Electronically sign documents, authenticate data, backup Facebook accounts, and utilize other tools for total protection


Time Machine does not include additional capabilities that offer greater data control and protection. With a Premium subscription to Acronis True Image, you get cutting-edge features like Acronis Notary that allow you to verify the integrity of your data using blockchain technology. You also get Acronis Asign, which lets you have people electronically sign documents and certify those signatures in the blockchain.

Plus, Acronis can back up Facebook and Instagram accounts, virtual machines, archive files with ease, and more.

Acronis True Image includeApple Time Machine  exclude

Do more with your data

My personal backup strategy is to use both TM backup and bootable backup. If I have the time to restore from TM, I will do that. I make my living from my Mac, so I have the bootable backup for emergencies. I can be up and running quickly if I am under a tight deadline. Hard drives are inexpensive, so my recommendation is to do both!



Backup and restore files and folders you like


Sometimes you don’t need to restore a full disk, you just need a particular file. Time Machine does not allow you to backup and restore individual files and folders, but Acronis True Image can do it for you. For a complete comparison, check the chart below:

Acronis True Image includeApple Time Machine exclude

Why Time Machine is definitely not enough

OverviewApple Time MachineAcronis True Image 2021
Produce multiple backupsincludeinclude
Restore filesincludeinclude
Restore an entire disk (full image)includeinclude
Uses a network volume (Macs only)includeinclude
Protects from ransomwareexcludeinclude
Supports APFS disks as a target diskexcludeinclude
Runs automatically or manuallyexcludeinclude
Manages multiple backups from a single consoleexcludeinclude
Creates a clone of the system while in useexcludeinclude
Stores multiple backups on different destinationsexcludeinclude
Optimizes storage spaceexcludeinclude
Offers robust data protection featuresexcludeinclude
Generates an all-in-one recovery toolexcludeinclude



These days, backup solutions have become quite easy to implement, and can be fun to set up. If you are not backing up your files in any way, you are risking data and productivity loss. Given the cheapness of external drives these days, we strongly urge every user to take advantage of the powerful backup solutions available and safeguard their data.


Acronis True Image is the better option

Protection for all family devices (Mac, PC, iOS and Android) from one easy-to-use console

Backup full disk images or individual files and folders, or clone the system while in use

Guard your data against modern threats like ransomware and unauthorized editing

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